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Who Are We?

We believe that gallery quality art should be readily available to any home. With the right piece in the right place, you can change a simple room to an impactful expression.

Historically, art reproductions were hard to make—artists had to spend a good amount of time and paint to recreate Starry Night. Now, in the modern era of digital printmaking, quality reproductions have never been so accessible.

We’ve been at the cutting edge of digital since before digital printing was even a thing. We take pride in creating the best color gamut and fidelity to match our printers for the best presentation of your print. With us, your prints are sharper, crisper and more colorful—reflecting the decades of experience we’ve had making museum and gallery works for modern image masters.

Our Printing

The value of a print is determined by (1) its aesthetic accuracy and (2) its longevity. Quality prints look fantastic and convey the power of the original image—they also should stay that way for as long as possible.

A quality print is made using the right people, calibrations, printers, paper, and ink. With the right combinations, the prints become alive and will last for over 200 years without losing any color.

To make sure that’s what you get we use:

  • Skilled Master Printers
  • High Fidelity Color Calibration
  • Giclee Printing Machines
  • Heavy Weight Stock Paper (10.3 MIL)
  • 200 Year Archival Inks

Our Framing

Quality art deserves a quality frame. With the right frame, the piece can change from a cool thing on the wall to a masterpiece.

The most noticeable feature of a frame is its wood—like hand-painted, Italian wood looks real good.

Next, the glass. Except, not glass, because it breaks and it’s heavy. Acrylic Plexiglass is the choice alternative for its unbreakability, light weight, and clear transparency.

Finally, the assembly. This takes skilled craftsman using real wood glue, V-nail joinery, and their love for art.

Here’s what happens at DigitalFusion for your pieces:

  • Experienced Museum and Modern Art Framers
  • Hand Painted Italian Wood
  • Acrylite Unbreakable Plexiglass
  • Yaw Free Cornering
  • V-nail Joinery, Wood Glue